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"Organic and Sustainable Gardening", 2012.

by Paul

This is the printable version of this website. 

This is meant as an introduction for people new to the concept of sustainable, natural gardening.  How is natural gardening different to conventional even traditional organic gardening?

I do revise and update the book and website from time to time, so check back for changes before printing an older version you may have previously downloaded.

Last revised - 03 - March - 2013.

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"The One Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming", 1978.

by Masanobu Fukuoka.

When this book first appeared in the seventies, no-dig gardening was already understood but this book was the first to show that it was possible to grow grain crops without plowing the soil by growing rice in a ground cover (living mulch) of clover. The book also gained a following for its philosophical view of our place in nature and the role of natural farming in our relationship with our environment.

The One Straw Revolution.pdf The One Straw Revolution.pdf
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 "The Natural Way Of Farming - The Theory and Practice of Green Philosophy", 1985.

by Masanobu Fukuoka.

The follow up book to "One Straw". This book was a response to the huge interest created by the first book. He was invited to the U.S. to speak and while there was able to make observations of the environment he encountered. He also includes a little more practical information.

"From the Forest to the Sea. A Story of Fallen Trees", 1988.

published by the US department of agriculture.

When Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, 60 000 acres of giant redwoods were flattened. Two thirds of that was salvaged and the rest was left to be studied. What scientists learnt surprised them. Where timber had been left, the environment regenerated much faster than the cleared land. This led them to coin the term 'bio-legacy', that is, the physical remains of each generation of trees has an impact on top soil that positively affects it for future generations of trees.

This book looks specifically at the role of dead trees in the forest, how they decay and enrich the soil and provide food and habitat for bacteria, fungi, insects, animals and new seedling trees. It follows the story of trees still standing, trees fallen to the ground, logs in creeks and rivers, and logs washed onto beaches and out to sea.

The book concludes by recommending keyhole logging of forests over clear fell logging and leaving the logging trash on the ground to rot rather than burning it off. Keyhole logging leaves behind parent trees to reseed the logged area and the opening in the forest encourages the new seedlings to grow straight and fast and the trash provides the seedlings with food and protection. 

With good management of the forest, the book says trees that would naturally take five hundred years to reach maturity could do so in just seventy years. 


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Part 3.pdf Part 3.pdf
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Part 4.pdf Part 4.pdf
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Part 6.pdf Part 6.pdf
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Part 7.pdf Part 7.pdf
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Bio-logical Legacies.pdf Bio-logical Legacies.pdf
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Biological Legacies. A Critical Management Concept from Mount St Helens. 4 pages.


"An Introduction to Permaculture", 1991.

by Bill Mollison.

This is a really good book both for newcomers and people familiar with the concept of sustainable gardening, farming and community design. A lot of information and well organised, which is exactly what Permaculture is all about. Being well organised.


"The Man Who Planted Trees", 1953.

by Jean Giono.

The classic short story of the cost of exploiting nature without regard for the consequences, and the selflessness and determination of those who cherish natures gifts. 

The Man Who Planted Trees..pdf The Man Who Planted Trees..pdf
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Companion Planting Guide

Companion planting guide for western herbs and vegetables.

Companion Planting Guide.pdf Companion Planting Guide.pdf
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Companion Planting Guide..jpg Companion Planting Guide..jpg
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Adzuki Bean60-80Spr & SumSpr-SumAll Year
Black Turtle Bean40-60Spr & SumSpr-SumAll Year
Borlotti Bean40-60Spr & SumSpr-SumAll Year
Broad Bean150Aut-SprAut-WinAut
Buckwheat42Spr & SumSum-AutAut-Win
Cow Pea15-30Spr & SumSpr-AutAll Year
Chickpea White32SprSpr 
Chicory5Spr & AutAut-WinAut-Win
Dun Pea30-40Spr-SumAut-WinAut-Win
Lab Lab Bean - Highworth20-30 Spr-SumAll Year
Lab Lab Bean - Rongai20-30 Spr-SumAll Year
Lotus - Leo2Aut & SprAut-Spr 
Lupin - Merit40-50Aut & SprAut-Win-
Lupin - Wonga40-50Aut & SprAut-Win-
Maize10-20Spr-SumSpr-SumAll Year
Medic - Paraggio15Aut & SprAut-Spr-
Millet Jap6Spr & SumSpr-AutAll Year
Millet White French10Spr & SumSpr-AutAll Year
Mung Bean15Spr & SumSpr-AutAll Year
Mustard Nemcon5Sum-AutAut-WinAut-Win
Red Clover2-4Aut-SprAut-Win 
Red Kidney Bean40-60Spr-SumSpr-SumAll Year
Rye45Aut & SprAutAut
Sorghum-Alpha5SumSpr-SumAll Year
Sorghum-Sugar Drip8SumSpr-SumAll Year
Soy Bean40-60Spr & SumSpr-SumSpr-Aut
Sub Clover - Seaton Park6-10Aut-SprAut-Spr-
Swede4-5AutAutAll Year
Vetch Wooly Pod10-20Aut-SprAut-SprAut-Win
White Clover - Haifa6-10Aut-SprAut-WinAut
Wheat42AutAut & SprAut
Wynn Cassia1-4 Sum-AutSum-Aut

Green Manure Planting Guide

Some green manure crops, when to  sow them in your climate zone and quantity of seed needed for planting, kg per hectare.

Green Manure Planting Guide.pdf Green Manure Planting Guide.pdf
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